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Nathan, Liam and Luke have launched their latest title today with FlyBy, “an exciting, fast paced, arcade style mobile game with a variety of exciting obstacles and challenges to complete!”. I played the beta a few months back and I’m now downloading the full version… give it a try at Image

Game Design Graduate on the BBC!

See Ben Gouldstone, a graduate of the University of Huddersfield, talking to the BBCabout Drive Club at E3.

The Game Republic Student Showcase 2013 was held yesterday… see all the details at but just to note that our students did well again… coming 1st and 2nd in Art, 1st in Design and 3rd place in the technology and overall best team categories.


1st Prize for Design


1st Prize for Art

Well done folks :)


A bit of footage from one of the first year team project games.

Just to correct Dom, I didn’t study CGP… but I did study here :)

One of the end results from our final year team project module…

There haven’t been many updates during the year but that’s about to change… as we near the end of the academic year lots of interesting work is going to be coming in that I’ll be showcasing. Keep checking back over the next couple of months! In fact, hold on one second…

Teaching starts next week…

Freshers week is almost over, so some links to get you started…

Timetable: either at or through the portal when you login (look under My Studies) and the assessment timetable can be viewed at

Student Support: either email, phone 01484472450 or visit the office in CW1/01.

Student Services: Counselling, finance, wellbeing, health, disability, level 4 of the student centre (in the library) or visit their webpages

Regulations: We have a lot…

Student Union: their website is

Unilearn: can be found at

Another new year…

Well, the 2012/2013 academic year is upon us! Freshers week starts next year so I thought I’d put together some useful information. Some of it for the newbs (not noobs!) and some for those are already here but didn’t yet know about it…

Induction week (a.k.a freshers week)

1st years come in at 12:15 on the Monday, and head for CWS/10. See this map of campus if you don’t know where canalside west is. This is a final plan for the week… DM Induction Timetable 12-13

Returning 1st years (e.g if you suspended last year) (DM Year 1 Repeating Students 12-13), returning 2nd years (DM Returning Students 12-13), come in 10am, Wednesday 19th.

Returning from placement, come in at 12:15 on Wednesday 19th (DM Returning Students 12-13)

Final years (inc. those who’ve been on placement), come in 14:15 on Wednesday 19th. (DM Returning Students 12-13)

You might want to check out the Student Union to see what they are doing during the week…

If you get lost look out for the student helpers, they’re usually in orange tee shirts. Also, you could email me (, I have push email so I should be able to get it and reply very quickly.


Seem to be settling down now, you can probably find yours, or at least look for it, at – be aware though that changes are still happening, mine changed again yesterday! Please be patient with it, it will be settled by next week.


Canalside Studios (our in house studio) have released their latest title, Katu Toka for iOS and Android…

Take back the island!
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